Linux Consultant

Background in Linux Server Support

Remote Linux Server SupportI have worked with Linux since 2001, and been involved with Linux as a hobby since 1998. In addition to working on many independent projects as a freelance Linux consultant, I perform a large amount of my work at Rent A Coder, I have received an excellent feedback history, and am rated as a "Top Coder" on their site. To view my work history on Rent A Coder, click on the following here.

Further, I also worked on a free Linux and UNIX consultant support site,, from December 2001 until June 2004. The primary duties of operating were providing Linux support for a variety of issues, as well as operating and maintaining a Linux server that provided SSH access free of charge. During this time, I also wrote numerous tutorials, which are freely available to the public currently.

When selecting someone to work on your Linux server, it is crucial that they have a thorough understanding of Linux, and the interdependent technologies that run in a Linux environment. With my Linux consulting experience, I have this crucial understanding. This will prevent issues with deploying software with conflicting dependencies, as well as saving you time and money by using"best practices". Some would say that this experience is priceless, and most of my clients tend to agree.

To view the Linux server software that I have the most experience with, please visit the software support page.

Below are some direct quotes from feedback that my clients have given me. I think that these quotes best speak for themselves:

"Christopher has been professional, efficient and clear in his communications and deliverables. We will do business again. Thanks Christopher. " - Peer D.

"Very fast, efficient and professional. Saved 3TB of my data - thanks!" - Jonathon D.

"Excellent work. An expert in his field. Very fast and organized. Great work ethic." - Niko

"One of the most best coders I've worked with. Extremely detailed and conscientious - and knows his stuff." - Chris