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Documentation and Tutorials

On this page, you will find many of the tutorials and system documentation examples that I have written for my clients, or in my spare time. I am providing these samples so that you can see the quality of work that I present with writing. If you would like to request a tutorial to be written, please contact me.

Linux Mail Server Software:

Mail Transfer Agents, or MTAs, for Linux are compared and contrasted with each other, in this article.



Web Application Protection: Ways to Protect a Web Application from Hackers:

This article discusses some of the more common ways to prevent web application compromises.



10 Easy Ways to Prevent your Website from being Hacked:

This article covers 10 easy tips to prevent your Linux server from being hacked.



Choosing a Web Host:

If you are puzzled as to what features to look for in a Linux web host, this article outlines the three main aspects to compare when shopping around. I wrote this article because so many of my clients mentioned that the biggest headache to them was finding a good web host.


How to Improve Exim Performance on a High Volume Mail Server:

A tutorial that describes important features to enable to get the best performance from a high volume mail server running the Exim daemon. This tutorial was financed by ByPass Networks- your complete email and RSS Autoresponder solution.


Yahoo Temporarily Defers Email with Message 421:

If Yahoo has suddenly started deferring mail messages from your Linux server with error message 421, this article explains how to fix it.


5 Linux VPS Performance Tips:

How to increase performance on your Linux VPS server, easily with these 5 tips.


Access Control Restrictions: Best Practices on a Linux Server:

Why you should setup access control restrictions on your Linux server, and some of the more common restrictions available.


Shared vs. Dedicated Hosting:

This article explains the differences between shared and dedicated Linux hosting, and how to decide which Linux hosting type better meets your needs.


Using Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP for Application Deployment:

This tutorial covers server setup for web-based applications which require MySQL and PHP, as well as a web server.


Routing/Firewalls with Linux:

This tutorial covers routing and firewall services within Linux. It is by far a must-read for any administrator who is new to Linux or Iptables.


Linux System Administration- a Guide to the Services and Duties of Administration, From the Ground Up

This is a complete tutorial from the ground up on Linux System Administration in the server and client environment, featuring services such as SSH, FTP, HTTP, NFS, SMB, and others. This is a must-read for anyone who is new to Linux, or to Linux System Administration!

A Simple Telnet/BASH tutorial:

A tutorial covering the basics of the most popular system shell, including basic scripting examples.


Using Webmin to Add Users, Create MySQL Databases, and Other Tasks:

This tutorial gives a brief introduction to Webmin, a popular software used to easily manage a Linux server.


Six Steps to a More Secure Server:

Six easy settings to change on your Linux server to make it more secure. Each of these steps takes less than 15 minutes to do, but will dramatically increase the security of your Linux server!