Linux Consultant

Hourly Linux Server Support

I offer two main types of linux consulting services: linux system documentation/writing, and linux system administration. These two types of services have different hourly rates associated with them (for those clients who prefer an hourly rate as opposed to a flat rate). The two main hourly services that I offer are listed below. If you have a project that does not meet these two main service types, please feel free to contact me for more information, including pricing. In addition, feel free to see what server software I have the most experience with.

Service Description Price/hr
Linux System Administration Installation of software on a server, configuration of a server, automatic backup setup, or any other task involving server work. $65
Prepaid Linux Administration Prepaid Linux server work, hourly rate for work that is paid for in advance (maintenance work, software installation, etc). $55
System Documentation or Writing Documenting an existing system (or one that I have worked on previously), writing tutorials to help clients manage a server, or any other writing project. $45

If your project does not meet these basic service descriptions, feel free to contact me.