Linux Consultant

Prepaid Linux Server Support

For my clients that use my services frequently, I give the option for them to purchase bulk hours at a discounted rate. Since these clients aren't billed for each individual project, I am able to offer my remote Linux support services at a discount. Prepaid packages are offered in packages starting as low as 5 hours, and up to as many as 15 hours of support. In addition, these packages have the following advantages over traditional support:

  • Prepaid hours never expire.
  • Clients who prepay for services tend to experience quicker turn around times.
  • Prepaying for services allows easier, more streamlined billing.
  • Statements on hour usage are emailed to clients monthly (see a sample statement).

Prepaid Linux server support hours may be purchased in three different bulk time blocks:

Hours PurchasedTotal CostAmount Saved
5 $300 $25
10 $550 $100
15 $850 $125

If you are interested in participating in this program (and have not been offered an invitation), feel free to contact me.