Linux Consultant

Linux Server Documentation

Often, a client will ask me to write system documentation on an existing server. It is a sad fact that a majority of the servers that I work on have very little (if any) server documentation that the client has access to. One of the services that I offer is the creation of accurate system documentation, when a client is new to me (I always provide accurate documentation for work that I have performed, and this is always at no extra charge). A sample Linux server documentation is available for clients that wish to see how a professional Linux consultant documents a server or network.

Tutorials are also a popular request with clients that want to learn more about how to use the software that is already installed on their server, or software that is new. Some of my tutorials are available for free on this site (with client permission) as an example of the quality of work that I give my clients who are seeking help with using their technology.

Whether you need accurate system documentation, or a tutorial on a new technology- I can provide both of these services at a reduced charge, compared to my normal rates. System documentation and tutorials are an essential part of using and maintaining a server that is on the Internet- as many of my clients will agree.